The Model Photography (Modelography) group is run by John Mallows and Nigel Pain.

Sessions are held in a studio or on location, sometimes in an urbex (an abbreviation of 'Urban Exploring') format. 

Events will be bi-monthly as far as possible. Models will be of various ages, experience, styles and gender. Sessions are open to all club members, not just those subscribing to the forum.

For studio use a degree of technical competence with studio kit is desirable.  Instruction can be provided, e.g. immediately before sessions.

A more in-depth training on a wider range of studio uses and techniques is available from the Studio Group.

There will be charges, kept as low as possible, when a studio or a full / part-time model is used. Sessions will be announced at main meetings, on In-Focus and on the Club’s Website.  All welcome.

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If you are interested in the Modelography group then contact John Mallows here. Please put Modelography as the subject of your email. This makes it easier for me to manage messages.


Next Meeting



Saturday 11th November brings an opportunity to photograph local model Ros Whelan in an Urbex / on-location style. 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

Ros is highly experienced, and exceptionally amiable and amenable , especially important for anyone who hasn't done this type of photography before.

The location will be in the general vicinity of the easterly junction of Lansdown Place Lane and Lansdown Crescent Lane near the Lansdown Walk end.

I hope to have access to the rather photogenic and interesting ground floor of the Art & Craft  Workshop and Studios which are at the junction. Access now confirmed - yippee!

GL50 2LD will give you the lie of the land. But we will avoid parking close to the Art & Craft Workshop as this would queer our pitch; try Lansdown Walk or further down Lansdown Crescent Lane.

I am aiming for a group of about 6 with a contribution of c. £20 each to cover model and access to the Workshop.

Contact me on link above in the group description - please put 'Modelography November' as the subject of your email. This makes it easier for me to manage messages. First come first served.  

All places are now taken, but use above link to go on reserve list


Additional notes,

Ros will wear photogenic outfit(s) of her choosing. All SFW (Safe for work)

It’s Urbex format, not studio. One takes best advantage of what one finds. Including what the model wears.

I will provide a  small amount of portable flash to help in tricky situations.

It is not necessary to bring e.g. lights. But a camera will help!

If you do bring any e.g. lights  they must not be mains powered and you must not interfere with or dominate others’ shots.

It’s Urbex not studio, so no backgrounds provided. You use what you find.

Indoor settings shots will use available light primarily. There are big windows and doors.