7 O’Clock Club

The 7 o’clock club is a fairly informal gathering, prior to the main event, on alternate Thursday evenings. For the 2023 / 24 season co-ordinator John Mallows aims to have sessions where members can share opinions about their current work, ideas and collaborations (not quite as rigorously as the Critique Group). Occasionally specific topics, will be addressed with a lead-presenter.

Sessions will be announced at main meetings, on In-Focus and on the Club’s Website.  All welcome.

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Next Meeting


The 7 o'clock session on 7th December will see several members bring along their camera brands in response to recent curiosity on The WhatsApp Chat about the virtues of varies  brands, particularly in relation to easy portability. Come along for 'Touch & Go', even of a Leica!




On Thursday 30th November, the intervening Thursday between the usual 7 o'clock sessions, Nigel Martin will be showing some of his prints. Come along , between 7 and 7 30 or during the tea break to chat with Nigel.

Note, Nigel was poorly, so Dave Hyatt, John Clare and I took along a few pics. Nigel  plans to display his prints in early January.

Thursday 23rd 

'Camera Movements With A Linhof'

We will be having a play with a Linhof 6X9 camera to explore the changes to perspective and other effects obtained with tilt and shift lenses, a drop-front camera base, fully articulated camera back.

Eat your heart out Photoshop.

The informal display of pictures by Linda and Jimmy on the 9th November served as the 7 O' Clock session so, on the  alternate Thursday pattern, the next pukka 7 session will be on the 23rd in the 'cafe' room - topic TBA.

Linda and Jimmy's displays were well received - certainly  well enough to carry on with them. We'll do this on the intervening Thursdays. So on 16th Mark James will be showing us some of his work, hopefully some which hasn't surfaced before in competitions etc. . Thanks for 'volunteering' Mark.

9th November A couple of members will display a dozen or so prints in the Main Hall - not necessarily their best from a competition or exhibition perspective, but interesting enough to inspire a bit of chat, for which they will be on hand.

This is a another option for seeing each other’ work. It is perhaps a bit less formal than the existing ways, such as exhibitions, competitions, web galleries and the formal critique group.

If it’s successful, we can continue it, if not we can drop it. But worth a try, I feel.

Our first two members will be Linda K and Jimmy Fletcher. 


WhatsApp Club Chat has recently revealed a fair amount of interest in print mounting techniques . So we will do a taster / overview / demonstration on 26th October. We will cover various ways of cutting matts as well as the simpler surface mounting.

12th October was about the basic and some not-so-basic controls and settings to get the best out of your camera. Ideal for anyone who is a bit confused about the relationships of shutter speed, apertures and ISO. But the content will be whatever attendees want.

Note: for details and web links about the DSLR / Mirrorless 'scanning' of negatives and slides, as demonstrated on 14th September, see the 'Videos and Training ' Section -  Accessed from the right hand side list of the members' Club page or click here


14th September I will be re-staging a set up to use a DSLR, or equivalent mirroless camera, to 'scan' negatives and slides. The results surpass all but the very best scanners,  which are inaccessible / unaffordable for most of us.  This repeat of a session a couple of years back is in response to several conversations at the summer social held in the Norwood Arms.